College Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are key players at Tilt. As an ambassador, you’ll ​join​ in at the ground level of one of the fastest growing start-ups in the world, ​receive a buzz worthy resume builder, and ​redeem awesome rewards for using Tilt with your friends.

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150 colleges, 2,000+ ambassadors, 
25,000 events and counting

Tilt makes it easy to collect money from a group and organize the things that really matter in life — having a good time with your friends.

We’re looking for college ambassadors who love to make things happen while getting rewarded.


You might be wondering...

Who makes a good Tilt college ambassador?

  • Someone who is looking for an easy way to collect money from friends.
  • A leader who can get their friends excited about something, knows what it takes to bring an event to life, and is friends with various groups across campus.
  • The unofficial “planner” in your group of friends - if you don’t do the dirty work, no one will

What do ambassadors actually do?

  • Use Tilt with their friends and earn Ambassador Perks for spreading it around campus.
  • Get first priority to new features in the app, access to our product and marketing teams for direct user feedback, and real start-up experience at the ground level.
  • Not much else outside of what you already do - we’re always happy to send swag to help out with events, too!

What do I get out of this?

  • Plenty of Ambassador Perks through our points system (past rewards have included GoPros, Apple TVs, drones, Lululemon giftcards, Tilt swag, and more).
  • Help with your events - no more chasing people down for money or not getting paid back!
  • Premium features at no extra charge - we waive the transaction fees for our ambassadors.
  • Based on point levels, access to internships at Tilt HQ and an invitation to our annual Tilt Ambassador Summit in San Francisco.

Meet a few ambassadors


“I used Tilt to collect for our 2015 trip to the Bahamas. It was so much easier than using cash, checks, and Google Docs.”

Peter Srebnick
 University of Mississippi

“My friends and I have made so many awesome things happen through Tilt. Adventurous party planners, type-A social enthusiasts, and stressed out t-shirt chairs rejoice. This one’s for you.”

Tommie Quinlan University of Alabama

“The only thing I could think of that would be more useful than Tilt is Chipotle offering free delivery.”

Shawn You Virginia Tech

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